Leverage the power of AI to transform how you write your reports.

ReportMagic is an easy-to-use app that will transform how you write building survey reports.

Use AI to help create and curate your report content in a library that integrates with custom apps and dynamic report templates built on MobileMagic.

It’s proven to deliver well-crafted reports personalised to your customers’ needs in less time than it takes now.

Read on to find out how ReportMagic will transform how you write your reports.

  • Cut the time from survey to invoice.

  • Deliver a tailored customer service.
  • Perfectly formatted reports every time.

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What would make life easier for your business?

ReportMagic’s Story

The problem

The desire to deliver something remarkable with a service tailored to your client’s needs can be hard work. It’s usually a time-consuming process that becomes problematic at scale.

The solution

ReportMagic grew over time into a solution that streamlined the process of writing energy reports in the building service space. It simplified a complicated process, saved six hours per job, and created added customer value with no extra effort – the definition of better productivity.

Who’s it for?

It’s now much more powerful, and we have customers who include Chartered Surveyors, HVAC Engineers, Asbestos Experts, and Fire Risk Assessors. All of our customers have a distinguishing feature—an innate desire to deliver something remarkable by providing something different.

The features we think you will love

Software should make life more simple, not more complex. Here are just a few of the features that will make life easier.

ReportMagic Pricing Plans

Transform your business with a solution that offers complete flexibility with user subscriptions and no chokehold contracts.

ReportMagic User

£15per month
  • No Contract
  • AI Content Generation
  • Curated Content Library
  • Free MobileMagic User

+1 MobileMagic User

£15per month
  • No Contract
  • Unlimited Mobile Apps
  • 1500 Uploads
  • iOS, Android, Windows


  • First App Build
  • Initial App Set-up
  • Training & Support
  • Solution Documentation

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