Surveys Without the Faff.

When you need to regularly gather data on sales numbers, project progress, or research, then let SurveyMagic do the work.

  • Automate Data Gathering
  • Create Your Questions and Scoring

  • Create One-Off and Repeating Surveys

  • We Send Automatic Email Reminders
  • You Save Time and Money

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SurveyMagic can make a real difference to your life as a project manager.

Clean and Simple to Use

We’ve built SurveyMagicwith a super simple to use with a clean and clear interface. It allows you to create and manage your questions, surveys, and contributors with just a few clicks.

The features we think you will love

Software should make life more simple, not more complex. Here are just a few of the features that will make life easier.

Why SurveyMagic?

Digital surveys are quick and easy ways to gather information from your team or project stakeholders. However, when you need to send multiple surveys at specific times, everything becomes more complicated and time consuming.

Just think about all those cc lists, email templates and spreadsheets.

SurveyMagic has been built to help you to automate all of this.

With SurveyMagic, you can easily create a set of questions, bundle them into a one-off or repeating surveys for your contributors to complete.

SurveyMagic does the rest by sending out reminders and giving contributors a secure and easy-to-use site to keep track of what they need to complete and when.


£19per month
  • Custom Questions
  • Custom Surveys
  • Manage Contributors
  • Set Up Reminders
  • Manage Survey Data

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