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If you’re a business who are looking for a way to do what you do even better then we can help.

Delphos platform allows customers to streamline and automate business processes and functions in a way that will add value to your service delivery. We’re a platform designed to build and deploy powerful mobile apps without the significant upfront costs or the complexity of a traditional development.

What People Say

Peter Kellet of ASAP Comply said this

Using Delphos has made the report writing part of the TM44 Reporting process so much easier. Reports come together in minutes not hours and with the function to edit your answers, the time saved when working on a large portfolio of similar properties is huge!! Well done Delphos.

Our Commitment

Great Support & Training

You’ll start to transform the administration and business functions from day one. We’ll join you on the journey and provide all the support, guidance and help that you’ll need to get your first apps up and running. Then we’ll stick around to make sure that the platform grows and adapt to your expanding business.


Maintenance | Engineering | Construction | And More!

The platform has application in any sector. But it’s true strength lies with organisations who consume or gather data away from the office. Once the data is in the system it can be used in powerful ways to streamline, automate, and transform the underlying business function.

Better Profits

Eliminate manual data entry and processing paperwork to reduce process costs by 50% or more. Trigger events on other cloud systems and automate processes for even greater savings.

Better Quality

In-app validation creates consistent quality. Auto-generated content reduces typos and the need for review. Your customer sees a modern, dependable, and high-quality organisation.

Better Management

Manage your workload by pushing jobs and notifications to your teams in the field, and track progress. Keep your staff clear on the who, what, where, and when of every job and task.

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Join a growing community of dynamic companies who use the Delphos platform to replace paperwork with marvellous mobile apps that streamline and automate business functions to make them faster, more reliable, and much easier.

Simple App Design

Building mobile apps on our website is incredibly easy and powerful apps can be built in minutes, which means apps can be built for an individual project or customer (click here for a case study). Start with something simple then introduce apps for different tasks and processes as time goes on. Let the system grow with your organisation. LEARN MORE 

What People Say

Alastair Machin, Chaffinch Student said this

Delphos has helped us work more efficiently with our network of drivers across the UK. We can send tasks more quickly, saving us time in both our administrative and operational functions. The app has ensured accuracy when tracking and managing bookings, which has enabled us to spend more time on activities that generate more customers. We would highly recommend.”

Great Support

How-To articles on our support site take you step by step through the build process. How to design your app, how to build it, and how to test it. There are loads of ways to get help through the site, by email or face to face training as well.

We Can Build Too

As you use the platform and decide that your time is better spent working in your business than we can do it all for you. So, we offer a fixed price build service that to keep things simple so check out the pricing page.

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