Who are Delphos?

We create bespoke apps that transform the lives of small and micro business owners.

What is the Delphos mission?

  • We want tiny businesses to thrive by doing remarkable things in ways that their bigger competitors cannot.

  • We want to enable entrepreneurs to start to imagine how #nocode technology can transform the delivery of their products and services.

  • We want business owners to have time to enjoy the adventure of running businesses again rather than dealing with the same problems over and over.

Who are Delphos?

We create specialised, user-friendly tools that reduce your admin, grow your business, and encourage a better work/life balance.

What is the Delphos mission?

  • We want to uplift small businesses with life-enhancing apps, programs and tools without the hefty price tag.
  • We want to democratise the use of innovative, time-saving, profit-boosting technology. 
  • We want everyone in the business to spend less time tied up with paperwork or working at the weekend.

How does a “No-Code” platform help your business?

Say you’ve got to build a piece of furniture. Would you reach for a screwdriver or a fully-charged cordless drill to get the job done?

Say you’ve got to build a piece of furniture. Would you reach for a screwdriver or a fully-charged cordless drill to get the job done?

If it’s just a quick fix, you might go with the screwdriver. But if you need to construct 100 pieces of furniture in a set amount of time, the cordless drill becomes a lifesaver.

Our app and desktop-based solutions allow you to pick up the proverbial cordless drill. Work is completed faster, the process is simpler, and the result is far more professional.

We want medium to micro-sized business working smarter, not harder, using innovative app-based tools.

With Delphos, there is always a better way.

How does a “No-Code” platform help your business?

There are three main ways to bring apps and tools into your small business.

First, there is off-the-shelf software. Head online, and you’ll probably find an app that almost fits the bill. But, there will be some compromise on your desires, and there will be some disruption to established processes.

If you want something tailored to your business, then software development is next on the list. But it will require a considerable investment in your time and money. Think in terms of months and tens of thousands of pounds.

#nocode is the third way. As it says on the tin, it’s a way of building apps without needing for coding or a software developer. It means you get a robust, bespoke solution at a fraction of the cost.

In fact, we’ve built apps that are in use within a few hours.

Meet our founder,

Jonathan Pepper

“I want more hard-working people home by 5pm and not thinking about admin on the weekend.”

“Having worked as a heating, air conditioning and ventilation engineer for 30 years, I’m intimately acquainted with many challenges I now help my clients overcome.

“Remote working, multiple sites a day, an overwhelmed central hub, inconsistent communication with clients, reports, assessments, checklists and a thousand things that could go wrong at any moment. I’ve been there.

“I’ve been building apps for ten years to help me to do my work much faster, efficiently and consistently. In all that time, I’ve hardly ever written any code, with all the apps built on #nocode platforms.

“I’ve built apps for single projects and apps that formed a cornerstone of writing complex energy reports. They all allowed me to do work in less than half the time of the old ways. They also never cost the earth.

“As tools, they allowed me more time to work on the business, to innovate, and to spend more time doing the things that make my life richer.

“I now work with other small business owners to help them leverage technology so that they can enjoy the same remarkable benefits.”

Delphos creator Jonathan Pepper