For small businesses, “doing admin” can mean anything from getting vital quotes out to clients before interest wanes, to processing a never-ending stream of expenses from staff.

But how do you say goodbye to complex, time-consuming tasks like these when you’re a small business with a realistic budget?

The answer is intelligent, tailor-made apps that automate everyday tasks that would otherwise take hours to complete. Delphos is bringing Silicon Valley-style solutions to Staffordshire and beyond – minus the eye-watering price tag.

Helping Staffordshire businesses to succeed

We want to offer more small and micro-businesses the opportunity to thrive through mobile working and the power of automation.

You shouldn’t need a big budget to access systems that improve your business’ productivity, give you and your employees precious hours back in the day, and facilitate future growth.

To grow a small business, you need more time, resources and money. You need to outshine your competition and offer clients exceptional service. And you need to meet this demand exactly when your business can’t necessarily afford to do so.

Working with us will help your business to do what it already does, but better. Delphos tech solutions help you:

  • Accurately gather data wherever you are
  • Dramatically reduce admin using automated systems
  • Use data gathered in the field to create instant, client-ready reports
  • Record and share accurate estimates while you’re on-site
  • Issue automated invoices and quotes
  • Save and share information securely on the cloud systems you already use

Not sure what help you need? Delphos will help you to identify where your business could make time savings and improvements, and show you how to do it.

With the support of Delphos, you can install easy to use, tech-led systems. You can charge competitive prices, offer quick results and command a competitive rate – all while keeping the personal touch.

What does this mean for your business?

The one thing businesses are always looking to do is make more money, and Delphos is here to help you do just that.

By creating efficient, time-saving solutions your business should make more money. For example, an aircon engineer arrives on site ready to carry out a Risk Assessment. They fire up their business’ tailor-made app and open the appropriate field. They carry out their checks, logging all relevant survey data. As soon as they tap “complete”, the data is compiled into a branded document for the client to review and store in case of any audits.

The engineer no longer needs to summon their “best” handwriting to hand over hastily scribbled notes to head office, the client receives the report much faster, and the final invoice is issued more promptly. The engineer now has time to complete more jobs, making the business more money.

How can Delphos help my company?

Don’t be deterred by the notion of ‘tailor-made tech’. All it means is easy to use apps that you can use from your smartphone or device. They’re designed just for you and set up to meet your specific business needs.

Depending on the tasks that you need to streamline, this could be a checklist-based app that emails a report directly to a customer. Or it could be a logistics app that shares routes, details and updates with remote staff.

Maybe admin is your problem, and you are forever falling behind and sending estimates late? Integrated apps can store and send information to other Cloud-based apps that will allow aspects of your business to become automated, cutting out huge chunks of work and time spent searching for information.

Imagine your staff member is out in the field, pitching a service to a client. From their app, they can select job type, client details (if it’s an existing client, they could select from a drop-down list), what materials would be needed, and the project timeline. This data flows into an estimate that is sent automatically to Sales to OK. They have a quick read, hit “issue estimate” and it lands straight into the client’s inbox.

Delphos wants to give you back all the time spent typing out reports, hunting down details for invoices, chasing colleagues, and so much more. Maybe it’s a task that “will only take me ten minutes”… imagine if it took you literally no time at all.

Who is behind Delphos?

Born and bred in Stoke-on-Trent, Delphos founder Jonathan Pepper’s main aim through the creation of Delphos is to help Staffordshire businesses succeed and thrive.

Well, if you asked him directly he’d tell you that this translate to: “I want more hardworking local business owners to spend less time holding their work phone on weekends and evening and more time holding a pint at the pub with their friends!”

He knows from first-hand experience that automation processes can lead to substantial savings for make smaller businesses, ensuring they can be more competitive.

Jonathan believes that you shouldn’t have to pay a fortune for a custom-coded solution either, not when there’s so much incredible tech out there. It just needs bringing together in an easy-to-use, all-in-one package so businesses like yours can actually use it.

Make your business run faster, work smarter, and make more money by reclaiming your most precious commodity – time. Contact Delphos to discuss how technology could improve your business without going anywhere near over budget.