After a particularly trying day working out what equipment was installed on a site, I created an Asset List App on the Delphos Platform.

In a past life I worked as an air conditioning engineer. There have been many time where I’ve arrived on sites, only to find nobody knows what systems were there. It always surprised me how many building owners didn’t have even a basic list of what was on site. Especially given that air conditioning equipment is a significant capital asset, so I find it a little strange.

So, I’ve spent lots of time creating asset lists so that I could begin the work I was there to do. After doing this on a particularly large site, it became clear I needed something to help. I’d spend a silly amount of time taking photos, and scribbling notes, then entering the data into an Excel spreadsheet.

So I created an asset list app on the Delphos platform.

It took about 30 minutes to build, and after a couple test runs it was ready. I’m not quite sure why I hadn’t done it before, because it saved at least an hour on that day alone.

It scanned any barcode ID tags, and logged the usual manufacturer, model, and location data. I also added in a quick red, amber, green scale for condition and a photo of the equipment. The platform created a nice Excel spreadsheet containing the data, and put it in the project Dropbox folder.

Now, I could of sold the nice new list to the client. But it hadn’t cost me anything to produce, it became another example of the added value that using Delphos can deliver.

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