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The best thing about talking to new people is what I’ve started to call ‘The Spark’.

A Few Clichés

Saving time and money has become a cliché. Everyone promises it so it’s kind of lost its meaning. It’s a bit like saying ‘we offer a high-quality service’. You’re hardly going to say anything else, are you?

In any case, these are intellectual benefits and people don’t buy intellectually. ‘The Spark is when a prospect suddenly gets what our platform does. They realise the added value that an app will bring to their business.

Sometimes you can even see the ‘click’ as a client understands what Delphos can offer them. It’s great!

Health Inspections

I had a conversation this week with an incredible company that carries out independent environmental and health inspections. The team visit a client’s premises and inspect it as a local authority inspector would. It means that when an inspector does come to call, the client has a much better chance of securing that all-important five-star hygiene rating.

The company’s process is much the same as many other professional services. Staff visit a client’s site, take photos and make notes before heading back to the office to write up their report.

At first, we talked about how an app built on our system would save a couple of hours by halving this process time. The survey notes would be on the app, which would produce a report in MS Word that was 75% complete.

But could this notification be automated? Er, well, yes. It can.

The Spark

Once we had worked that out, ‘The Spark’ happened.

Even though using the app is much quicker, the report still needs some time before it’s ready. But what happens if there are things their client needs to know in the meantime? Normally, it would mean a direct phone call or email to inform them. This takes extra time to do.

But could this notification be automated? Er, well, yes. It can.

Our system would send an email direct to their customer if any ‘red flag’ observations were made. If there’s nothing to report then there’s no email.

So, lots of extra value with no extra effort. Everybody wins.

If you want to find out what your ‘Spark’ would be get in touch.

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