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The new Tasking Templates features is now live. Templates add even more functionality to an already useful feature. It includes the ability to preset fields on Tasks created from Templates.

What are they?

At its core, Task Templates allow you to create a template out of your more common tasks. So, you can fix location, activities, timeframes and preset fields that will be dispatched to users in the field. This further streamlines the process, meaning your field users can be sure what is expected of them.

When you’ve created your first Task Template created, a new option will appear when you click Add New. This option lets you choose which Template to use. The final step is to fill out the field you have set up in your Template.

Here are a couple of screenshots to help you…
Create your Tasking Template. Give it a name and set up the task status settings.
Task Template Create
Give it a fixed location or leave it to be set when the Task if created.
Task Template Location
Predefine the activities of the task.
Task Template Activities
Set the presets that will be filled in with the Task, that will pre-populate fields in the app when the user opens the Task.
Task Templates Preset Fields

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