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One of the great things about using apps for your business processes is that it’s easy to deliver that added value. Little touches that make you stand out amongst your competitors.

Say Thank You

Imagine you carry out maintenance for your customers. Your process has your customer signing off a job using an app. They then get an email with the normal job sheet. Be different and send something else that useful. A personalised document that gives advice on energy saving. Help them understand the work you’ve done, and the reason it’s important. Or you could just say thanks very much.

We’re On It!

During your work, you’ve found a fault that needs fixing. The customer needs a quote, and fast. While the equipment’s down, they’re not earning money. Uploading the signed paperwork could notify your sales team to respond straightaway. Your customers are going to love a fast and efficient service. How about sending a document describing what they can expect from your business. A service level agreement of sorts. Add names and contact details so they know how to easily get in touch.

Customer Feedback

When do you touch you customers most often? How do you know if things aren’t quite up to scratch? More than likely it’s going to be only when your customer is really frustrated. Finding out sooner would be better. Wouldn’t it? Get feedback when the customer signs for the job. Ask 1 or 2 questions that quickly grade your service and feed that information back to you. If you get a poor rating you can immediately task someone to call the customer to find out what went wrong. It means your customer knows you care and that you’re proactive.

It’s Easy!

So, making your customer feel special is quite easy. These are all examples of how using an adaptive app platform like ours means our customers get to be very different. With no extra cost. Just a little time and imagination.

Get In Touch

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