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Delphos is a tiny start up with great plans, but for now it’s just me and a few trusted contractors. So my work and life are quite well blended and so holiday doesn’t necessarily mean holiday. But I love the excitement of creating the business so it’s all OK.

OfflineAt the moment I’m on holiday with my family in a not so sunny Cornwall, one of my favourite places in the world. We love to spend time in a quintessentially Cornish seaside village called Mawgan Porth. It’s a fantastic place with one tiny issue; there is no mobile coverage to talk of. But there is Wi-Fi in lots of places.

The business is deliberately set up to be as mobile as possible. By using platforms like Xero, Zapier, Office 365, and BT Cloud Phone, we can work anywhere. Our customers never need know where we are; the service is always same.

Our customers never need know where we are; the service is always same.

Earlier this week I received a voicemail from the prospect. He has a business that supplies and installs security systems. He was looking for a mobile solution for his engineers in the field.

To get a customer set up, we always like to do a 30 minute on-boarding call. This makes sure that the prospect hits the ground running and gets the greatest benefit out of the trial.

After a brief exchange of email, the prospect set up a call time, I called from our landline number from my laptop. We set up his account, added users, installed apps, logged him on to the device app and the platform website. Next was a quick run through the basic functions, and the support website.

No drama at all. But, then again that’s what we want. A consistent customer experience with no drama, every time.

So, could you deliver the same consistent service to your customers on a wet evening in Cornwall? If not, drop me a line and I’m happy to give you a few tips to get going.

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