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Imagine what it would be like to eliminate almost 40% of the time it takes to conduct an air conditioning inspection! 

If you’re anything like me then I’d like to congratulate you in actually finding the time to visit this blog page and read its content! You won’t be disappointed might I add…

It all started with a light blub moment!

A few months ago I had an idea. You know, the kind of idea that gets the butterflies flapping in your belly because you’ve devised a life-changing concept that will make you the next Bill Gates?

Well, maybe not quite that much of a life-changing concept, yet I was 100 percent convinced that my idea would make a difference to the way we work within the air conditioning industry. In fact, it could make a huge difference to a great many trades by revolutionising the way we work – in time and money. I kid you not and my idea ABSOLUTELY WORKED!

The fact that the idea worked convinced me to take the development a little further than… well, just an idea.  So, I’d like to share this with you if I may and invite you to take a piece of the credit. Please read on, this really is for the benefit of your business.

Like you, I have a career of many years working tirelessly in the air conditioning trade. More recently, I’ve spent many a morning waking up early, rubbing my eyes and reaching for my nth cup of alertness to get me through the daunting journey, travelling to site to conduct a thorough assessment.

Well we shouldn’t moan really should we? The assessments aren’t that difficult and we can live with a long journey or two. But it doesn’t just end there does it? There’s the half-day mammoth task of inputting what we’ve reviewed and assessed on site into a legible report for the ‘powers that be.’

It’s darned time consuming. Surely there must be an easier way?

And there is. 

I’ve designed an App, which has already been tested in the field with amaaaa-zing results! Plus…it’s proven to save time and make your business more profitable. Proven by almost 40%!  


What’s interesting for you?

I’d like to personally invite you to try this innovative TM44 Inspection App – that really does work – designed specifically for TM44 Assessors.

This unique App will transform your TM44 reporting into a faster, more accurate and more profitable process. As I mentioned earlier, it’s on a course for potentially reforming our whole industry. This I can promise you.

What would it mean to you and your business if you could invoice for 40% more work every single week?



In collaboration with other users in the field, our Community Forum also gives you the rare chance to directly influence the future development and design of the very ground-breaking App that you will be using.

If you would like to be a part of making a real difference in your industry, and have your opinion heard and implemented, join our community today.


Sign up today – you’re onto a winner!


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