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There is a technique for time management that could make a huge difference to how you work. It is called Pomodoro, and it’s amazingly simple. Sorry, Pomo what? Pomodoro. It’s Italian for tomato. Francesco Cirillo invented it in the late 1980’s. It breaks down work into bite-sized 25 minutes chunks (called Pomodoros) to improve your… Read more »

Notebook Surprise

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Do you use a notebook? Making a little change to the way I use one has made a huge difference to my working life. Let me explain. I use notebooks of one form or another. We all have. In fact, I’ve always been a real sucker for stationery. The ARC notebooks from Staples are fantastic,… Read more »

6 Simple Things to Make You More Productive

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Running your own business can be tough, especially if you’re doing it alone. You probably know people who, from the outside, think it’s all good. Free time, money, and success. Those who do run their own business may well disagree. It can be lonely place sat at your desk. For me the main issue has… Read more »

Process Costs

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I’ve just analyzed the cost of a simple process for a prospect. It is to pass paperwork from a site maintenance engineers through a business. If there’s 5 teams in the field it’s £13,500 a year. I also worked out how to reduce it by 50%. So, How Long? When you last mapped your processes,… Read more »

Resolutions Anyone?

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I’ve decided to do my resolutions differently this year and this is how… It’s that time of year again. A new year beckons with the promise of bright new things and a fresh start. Heartfelt desires to stop, or start, doing something new or different. I’m going to get fit. I’m going to eat healthier…. Read more »

Asset Lists

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TM44 App Beta Testing

After a particularly trying day working out what equipment was installed on a site, I created an Asset List App on the Delphos Platform. In a past life I worked as an air conditioning engineer. There have been many time where I’ve arrived on sites, only to find nobody knows what systems were there. It… Read more »