Key Concepts


It’s handy for new users on the Delphos platform to understand a few key concepts. It will help you to get the most out of the experience. So here is a small glossary of terms that you may hear. Backend - This is the engine of the Delphos platform. It processes your data, builds your documents and handles email. It also integrates with other platforms like Google, Office 356, Azure, Amazon etc. Co ... Read More

Delphos Windows App Launched


We've been asked about having a Delphos app that can sit on your desktop lots of times. We've listened, and now it's ready to download for all of our customers. It's going to make a huge difference in how our customer's cab use the Delphos platform. Not least because it now becomes a powerful tool for office based staff rather than for people in the field. It means that apps can be built to trigger office workflows in your admin, accounts, or sales departments. We've been busy building in ... Read More



There is a technique for time management that could make a huge difference to how you work. It is called Pomodoro, and it's amazingly simple. Sorry, Pomo what? Pomodoro. It's Italian for tomato. Francesco Cirillo invented it in the late 1980's. It breaks down work into bite-sized 25 minutes chunks (called Pomodoros) to improve your focus. It also keeps your mind fresh and agile by ensuring you take breaks. It's simplicity itself. All you need is a kitchen timer (Cirillo used a tomato- ... Read More

Server Upgrades – Weekend 27th & 28th May


Import Update We have some major upgrades being carried out over the weekend that will deliver some important upgrades to the platform. Essentially all of our client data will be moved from US servers to the EU. Users will also see some improvements in the performance of the platform. The work will take place on Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th May and the platform will be offline for all activities for between 4 to 8 hours. There are a couple of important ... Read More

Notebook Surprise


Do you use a notebook? Making a little change to the way I use one has made a huge difference to my working life. Let me explain. I use notebooks of one form or another. We all have. In fact, I’ve always been a real sucker for stationery. The ARC notebooks from Staples are fantastic, but I do love a moleskin notebook and a fountain pen. Whenever I end up in the supermarket doing the family shop I can’t make it past the stationary aisle. Ideas I’m no different to everybody els ... Read More

Case Study: Air Conditioning Energy Assessments


These energy assessments form a part of legislation aimed at reducing carbon emissions. It does this by helping operators of systems to do the same. Accredited assessors visit a site and carry do a survey of the systems and using a checklist they look for issues that impact efficiency and condition. This ensures a consistent application of an approved method. Finally, the engineers write a report that outlines their observations and makes recommendations. Problem With any fixed list o ... Read More

New RESTful API Connector for Apps


We’ve released an upgrade to our RESTful API by improving the HTTP POST connector to massively expand your options for integrating with external systems. Previously you were restricted to POST actions and the form entry data was sent in our proprietary data structure. Not anymore. The update makes things much more flexible and powerful with new functions Customise the Request Body We’ve added the ability to customise the data body that is sent by the connector, which means you can ... Read More

API; The Revolution You’ve Probably Never Heard Of.

You'll have used an API it without knowing it and it's going to revolutionise your business. As businesses move their functions into the cloud it opens a world of opportunities. Want to Work a Bit Less for the Same Result? You may think it's just for geeks. But it's not; you don't need to know how it works to know what you would like it to do. API is a way for different software to pass instructions and data between each other. So, chances are, if you're using any clo ... Read More

It’s All About The Value


One of the great things about using apps for your business processes is that it's easy to deliver that added value. Little touches that make you stand out amongst your competitors. Say Thank You Imagine you carry out maintenance for your customers. Your process has your customer signing off a job using an app. They then get an email with the normal job sheet. Be different and send something else that useful. A personalised document that gives advice on energy saving. ... Read More

The Spark


The best thing about talking to new people is what I've started to call ‘The Spark’. A Few Clichés Saving time and money has become a cliché. Everyone promises it so it's kind of lost its meaning. It's a bit like saying ‘we offer a high-quality service’. You're hardly going to say anything else, are you? In any case, these are intellectual benefits and people don't buy intellectually. ‘The Spark is when a prospect suddenly gets what our platform does. They r ... Read More

Tasking Templates


The new Tasking Templates features is now live. Templates add even more functionality to an already useful feature. It includes the ability to preset fields on Tasks created from Templates. What are they? At its core, Task Templates allow you to create a template out of your more common tasks. So, you can fix location, activities, timeframes and preset fields that will be dispatched to users in the field. This further streamlines the process, meaning your field users ... Read More

Be Kind…


Things have changed radically for me in the past few years. A new business has meant a new way of finding customers. I thought I'd write a little about the experience. Past Life I’ve worked as an HVAC engineer all my working life. A job where I can no longer predict when my money will arrive. 30, 60, 90 days. How about six months. This isn't good for any business, but if I'm honest I needed a change. A newfamily has meant I don't want the long days traveling either. For the past ... Read More

6 Simple Things to Make You More Productive


Running your own business can be tough, especially if you’re doing it alone. You probably know people who, from the outside, think it’s all good. Free time, money, and success. Those who do run their own business may well disagree. It can be lonely place sat at your desk. For me the main issue has always been that the line between work and life can begin to blur. I’m not talking about whole work/life balance here. It’s just that it’s very easy for the business to worm its way into a ... Read More

Process Costs


I’ve just analyzed the cost of a simple process for a prospect. It is to pass paperwork from a site maintenance engineers through a business. If there's 5 teams in the field it's £13,500 a year. I also worked out how to reduce it by 50%. So, How Long? When you last mapped your processes, and worked out how long they take. What numbers did you come up with? If you’re looking to find ways to improve the efficiency and productivity ... Read More

Resolutions Anyone?


I’ve decided to do my resolutions differently this year and this is how…< ... Read More

A Rush Job Saved


Several years ago, and in a previous life, I worked on a project that convinced me to develop the app platform side of the business. The benefits of using a mobile app were so fundamental to the successful outcome of a project, I came to believe that I had to start spreading the love! A Steep Learning Curve The project was the first where we elected to use an app platform in the field. It was a steep learning curve to develop the first incarnations of the system and its report templa ... Read More



Delphos is a tiny start up with great plans, but for now it's just me and a few trusted contractors. So my work and life are quite well blended and so holiday doesn't necessarily mean holiday. But I love the excitement of creating the business so it's all OK. At the momen ... Read More

Asset Lists


After a particularly trying day working out what equipment was installed on a site, I created an Asset List App on the Delphos Platform. In a past life I worked as an air conditioning engineer. There have been many time where I've arrived on sites, only to find nobody knows what systems were there. It always surprised me how many building owners didn't have even a basic list of what was on site. Especially given that air conditioning equipment is a significant capital asset, ... Read More

Day job got the better of you?


Imagine what it would be like to eliminate almost 40% of the time it takes to conduct an air conditioning inspection!  If you’re ... Read More

Are You Ready For The Future?


The Future Do you think that your business can prosper in the future without mobile technology? The statistics would suggest that the answer is no. Numbers Surveys in 2013 revealed that 61% of the UK population have smartphones, and 72% of them use them for work. Not only that, but 66% of Small to Medium sized Enterprises believed that smartphones are going to be key in their future profitability. There’s no doubt that the cloud and mobile Apps will be cri ... Read More