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The Future

Do you think that your business can prosper in the future without mobile technology? The statistics would suggest that the answer is no.


Surveys in 2013 revealed that 61% of the UK population have smartphones, and 72% of them use them for work. Not only that, but 66% of Small to Medium sized Enterprises believed that smartphones are going to be key in their future profitability. There’s no doubt that the cloud and mobile Apps will be critical to the success of any sized business in the future. For Micro business and SMEs it’s now possible to access powerful systems that deliver levels of functionality which, until a few years ago, were reserved for all but the largest of corporations.



Apps and mobile technology deliver enormous increases in productivity. It’s not just about data gathering, but automating processes, and allowing staff more flexibility. At the the same time it’s possible to improve the consistency of what you do.


Let’s consider impact on the administration side of your business or project; instant document production, instant distribution, and instant data processing. It means less pressure on you staff, allowing them to spend more time on personal, business and opportunity development.


You’ll spend far less on paper and printing. The paperless office may still be a distant dream, but using less is always going to be a good thing. Don’t forget an electronic document doesn’t need handling, storing, or shredding and it can be always available to your team and customers via the cloud.


Perhaps the greatest benefit is how it will change the way we all work. In the past decade Apps and cloud systems have fundamentally changed how the businesses world works. Culture hasn’t necessarily caught up but why not use the added productivity to reduce working hours, leaving more time for other things..


Use a Developer

A bespoke App developed for your business, what encompasses rich data, endless options for output, email, cloud storage, and integration with pretty much every other web service there is, will be certainly upwards of £15,000.

Our Approach

Our vision is to offer a genuine alternative to this for smaller companies. We’re going to deliver the opportunity for micro and small businesses to develop and create fantastic Apps and workflows, at a fraction of the cost. If users use our easy and simple to use website, it’s entirely possible to avoid development costs entirely. This is thing that we find most exciting thing about our project.

Can You Afford Not To?

Our own experience says not. If it’s purely a matter of being competitive in a fast changing business world then a well designed app is going to give you the edge. Do nothing and your competitors will get there first. They’ll be more productive, competitive, and their (perhaps your) customers will be impressed.

It costs nothing to look into what is possible, and we’re always happy to talk over coffee and a muffin. If you click here you can schedule a call back.

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